Product Lines

Umudike Seeds is responsible for the production and commercialization of Early Generation Seeds of root and tuber crops of cassava, yam, sweet potato etc.

Early Generation Seed. It is used to depict the early filial generation of seeds that are pure and disease-free.

Seeds are classified into nucleus seed, breeder seeds, foundation seeds and certified commercial seeds.

Customers can place orders or make inquiries by sending us a message via our website, email: or verified social media handles with their request. For orders, send us the product type, varietal preference (if any) and quantity required.

Cutting edge technologies of aeroponics, semi autotrophic hydroponics and screen-house are used for the production of disease-free, healthy and clean planting materials of EGS of root and tuber crops.

Our seeds are available and accessible to seed producers (farmers), Government agencies and development partners who are implementing agricultural interventions or projects within our catchment areas.


Our programs of out-grower scheme, foundation seed producers and commercial seed entrepreneurs target smallholder farmers in the rural areas. Each of these programs are tailored to help improve and increase positive livelihoods of farmers through partnership, seed input supply and technical backstopping. All programs have their entry criteria.

Yes, farmers who meet the eligibility criteria are on-boarded as seed producers. There is always a call for application via our website and social media handles. Onboarding will depend on different variables like eligible states within our catchment areas in Nigeria, access to farmers and market etc.

Yes. Our dynamic team is made up of experts with technical background who are knowledgable about the agricultural sector and will provide bespoke services that meet your business needs.

Yes, we do. Only on products purchased directly from us.

Currently, Umudike Seeds’ market reach covers South-East, South-South and North-Central parts of Nigeria.

We provide premium services to intending and core farmers. We also provide services like trainings and capacity building to farmers, farmer’s association, development partners and Government agencies.

Exchange Policy

Funds will not be refunded to the customer but Umudike Seeds will make an alternative arrangement to meet the demands of the customer. Unless, it is beyond reasonable doubt that Umudike Seeds cannot supply the quantity demanded, refund will be made to the customer.

In situations where the weather condition is  not conducive, Umudike Seeds will assess the current situation, update the customer and communicate on the possible date when the seeds will be delivered to the area or location.

For issues of inaccessible road, Umudike Seeds will request that the customer makes alternative means of transportation.

For all other issues, Umudike Seeds will follow the procedure of accessing the situation, inform and communicate to the customer on the best possible time for delivery.

Umudike Seeds will always provide healthy, clean and disease-free planting materials to its customers. Documentations are signed off by the customer asserting that seeds received are of high quality. In cases where seeds delivered are defected by the fault of Umudike Seeds, the company will assume responsibility of replacing of the affected seeds. Seeds will be replaced within 14 working days of report by the customer. However, Umudike Seeds will not be responsible for seeds defect not confirmed during offloading or on the spot of delivery.

The customer is solely responsible for preserving the seeds delivered. It is advisable that the customer plants immediately after delivery of seeds to prevent post-harvest loss.

Refund Policy

Umudike Seeds will not make a refund, rather we will be obliged to request for complete payment or supply product(s) based on available funds received from the customer.

Verification will be made to determine if there’s a double debit case in the customer’s account, and refund will be made to the customer within 3 working days. Otherwise, the customer should visit their bank.

The customer should kindly send a mail to or call our customer service line. The customer should provide information on the depositor’s name, account number (where the transaction emanated), amount paid, and date of payment, bank used for payment, account type and the transaction ID or proof of payment. After confirmation, the client would receive his refund within 3 working days as the case may be. Note: Refund will be made to the account used in receiving fund

Customers should send us proof of payment for all payment made. Once payment is confirmed, the customer will be notified. For Third-party payment, the customer should provide their name, third-party name with proof of payment for confirmation. Once the narration confirms with what we have on our bank statement, product request will be processed.

Delivery of products and commencement of service will not be effected until payment from customer is confirmed. Umudike Seeds will contact the customer to reconfirm the status of the payment done.