Who we are

Umudike Seeds Limited was incorporated in November 2018 by the National Root Crops Research Institute to produce and sell high-quality Early Generation Seed (EGS) of root and tuber crops, with the aim of institutionalizing a formal seed system of improved varieties for root and tuber crops in Nigeria.

Mission statement

To accelerate the growth and profitability of Nigeria’s root and tuber crop industry by providing high-quality Breeder and Foundation seed of improved varieties and advisory services.

Vision statement

To be the premier provider of high-quality Breeder and Foundation seeds for root and tuber crops, thereby fostering agribusiness development in Nigeria.

Our core values



We provide high-quality Breeder and Foundation Seeds and invest in rigorous quality control processes, systems, and structures to continuously exceed customer expectations.



We are transparent, accountable, and honest in our engagements with all stakeholders.



We invest in research and development and actively interface with our partners to ensure that our products exceed market expectations.